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Using current instruction manuals causes confusion, irritation and delay.
This is a waste of time and money and it can be done differently.

Faster and more accurate maintenance in three steps:


Fill in the name of a model, a serial number or even an error code. Our search engine will lead you directly to the right device or machine.


Click to open interactive manual
Open the corresponding interactive 3D manual. Our platform shows every detail of the device with which you can interact.


Start to explore
Explore any part in 3D and reveal the way to reach that part. Look inside machines before you do any maintenance.

3D Data Visualization

Take a look around you. Almost everything you see is designed in 3D before it was manufactured. Focatech turns these 3D blueprints – also known as AutoCad files – into interactive 3D manuals for your company. Our smart comprehensive visualization tools drastically improve the efficiency of any employee. It makes any technical task more easy to perform. A visual review of technical parts before maintenance or repairs also reduces the risk of errors. Your workflows become faster, better and more reliable than ever before.


data visualization focatech manual

Search engine
Fill in any details and our search engine leads you to the right device or machine.


Interactive 3D manuals
Interact with the machine in our 3D environment and learn about the technical details.

Data interactive manuals 3d

Detailed instruction videos
Detailed instruction videos explain every step to make any process understandable. 


Add existing PDF of Word documentation for a complete manual database.


An administration log has been built into the platform that can be used by mechanics to share their experiences.

Customizable Layout interactive manuals

Customizable layout
Prioritize your information tabs and content. Our platform is fully customizable to fit your needs.

Portable manual interactive 3d

Portable platform
It only requires a tablet to use our solution. It’s even compatible with smartphones.

Whitelabel manual data visualization 3d

Company branding
Add your logos and company branding. Our platform will easily match your corporate identity.


Exploded view

All integrated 3D models can easily be moved around its axis and it is possible to zoom in on individual parts. Besides that, we have integrated an ‘explode’ mode in our platform. With this mode you can digitally pull the entire model apart and make every individual part visible. This way, you always know beforehand how complicated the maintenance will be.

Accessible on all devices

Focatech delivers a visualization tool which replaces not a thousand, but a million words by using the latest 3D technology. Our solutions are designed to connect with people over time, continuously and wherever they are. Accessible via the web, smartphones and, tablets.

Focatech 3D manuals interactive

Improve accuracy and efficiency

Mechanics work more accurate and less time consuming when they are able to inspect technical parts in 3D before they open up a machine. Our platform will show them where a specific part is and how to reach it.  This visual way of preparation reduces the risk of making errors. Our solution is saving your company time, effort and money.

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